To celebrate the end of the DX1S Token Sale, our CEO Luciano wrote an open letter to all our investors and supporters. This is a time for gratitude and to reflect on a successful sale, as well as to look into our roadmap and your future with DXone.

“I am proud to announce the end of the DX1S token sale and the start of our future together with our investors.

I am writing to thank our investors for their dedication to DXone. …

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A token represents an asset, such as a stake, voting right or some other form of subjective value. Real estate and commodities, for instance, can be traded as security tokens. Token issuers can create a token by leveraging functions on certain blockchains, such as Ethereum and its native smart contract technology. Issuers often sells these tokens, which represent an asset or utility, during a public token sale known as an initial coin offering, an initial exchange offering or a security token offering.

Security tokens are asset-backed and compliant with securities regulation. Security tokens follow strict guidelines about who can purchase…

Creating sell walls is an age-old tactic for big players in the financial markets, and crypto is no different. Due to their large holdings of a particular asset, so-called “whales” are often able to influence the price of an asset, and the sell wall is one of the tools they may use to do so.

A sell wall is essentially a big limit sell order or a series of sell orders placed at a certain price level on an order book, which lists the buy and sell orders on a trading exchange. …

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Utility tokens provide users access to apps or decentralised apps (dapps). They are not speculative tools and should only provide value in the app for which they were designed. Users might earn the token by doing work, completing tasks, sharing resources or otherwise. A token holder could use a token as a means of payment to use an app coded on a smart contract, as a security deposit or towards usage fees for the app.

Users purchase utility tokens in order to use a token for many types of purposes. In a perfect world, utility token purchasers wouldn’t anticipate a…

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An Introduction To Day Trading Crypto

One of the most popular trading strategies is day trading. Day traders are active in stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrency, and essentially all financial markets.

The concept of a “day trader” stems from the stock market where trading only takes place during business days and hours. Day traders never leave positions open overnight.

The Definition of Day Trading

In a crypto day trading strategy, traders daily enter and exit the same position. Another name for day trading is intraday trading. Day traders and intraday traders seek to profit from price changes in crypto or another financial instrument within the same day.

Can You Make Money Day Trading Crypto?

Day traders in crypto and…

DXone’s utility token, DX1U, is based on a discount token model.

Sweetbridge’s CEO Scott Nelson, Aleksandr Bulkin, and Michael Zargham proposed the discount token model, in which token holders get perpetual discounts on services. The idea was first defined in the Sweetbridge discount token whitepaper, “Raising Social Capital: Tokenizing a Customer-Driven Business An Introduction to Discount Token Economics.” Here’s how the paper defines discount tokens:

In brief, discount tokens are digital assets that give their holders a limited right to receive discounts on purchases of products or services from an organization — a company, a coop, or a blockchain network.

The authors of the paper hoped “that the introduction of a…

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Once upon a time, when you purchased stock in a company, you received a piece of paper representing your ownership. Fire, robbery, or any other misfortune could befall you and your proof of ownership over the stock.

In the twentieth century, there has been a worldwide push to dematerialise— that is, digitalise — all aspects of the financial world that still use paper. The benefits of digital stock certificates include greater security and efficiency.

Assets on stock exchanges today have already been dematerialised. …

By DxOne Exchange on The Capital

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are inflating their Bitcoin trading volumes, or ‘wash trading’ to earn higher profits.

Last year Bitwise Asset Management issued a report on Bitcoin (BTC) trading figures that stated that 95 percent of Bitcoin trading volume, as seen on CoinMarketCap (CMC) was due to so-called wash trading.

Wash trading has always been a serious pressure point for the cryptocurrency markets. Though exchanges have taken steps to identify fake volumes, there is still more to do. Today we’re investigating Wash Trading and exploring whether major cryptocurrency exchanges artificially inflate their volumes?

What is Wash Trading?

Wash trading is a kind of market manipulation where someone including traders, brokers, or even an exchange conducts buys and sells a security for…

Technical analysis and charting are invaluable tools in helping to predict direction, momentum, support & resistance of the coins with a surprisingly high level of accuracy.

(Source: Chris Frewin)

In this article, we discuss the most common technical trading patterns and simplify the beginner-friendly indicators along with some anecdotes for rookies.

Although cryptocurrencies are incredibly different from traditional assets yet the versatility of technical trading and charting allows us to chart them in the same way with the price action identified by the open, high, low, and close (OHLC).

Basically, Chart patterns are specific candlestick formations that consist of a range of candlesticks, forming conspicuous figures in the chart. There can be a number of factors behind the formation of these repetitive patterns, such as movement between support and resistance levels, market sentiment, and the emotional response of investors to certain price levels.

The chart patterns can either be continuation or…

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