Letter from our CEO | DXone

  • General platform improvements including the user experience, order matching system, and performance.
  • Expanded digital footprint of DXone and the team members with interviews, podcasts, articles and more.
  • Solid marketing strategy that engages our supporters and community.
  • Partnership with CoinAnalyst, an AI-based analytics platform
  • Partnership with an Electronic Money Institution (with new services coming in Q3 2021)
  • Expansion of our team to almost 60 people
  • Increase trading pairs. This month we are adding ETH/USDT and LTC/USDT. In early 2021 we will add more pairs as well
  • Adding new order types including stop loss and take profit
  • Adding leverage trading
  • Launching a completely redesigned website and application
  • Fiat onramp — accepting deposits via credit card
  • Improving the user experience
  • Launching mobile native apps (iOS & Android)
  • Adding easy trading function (Click and Buy)



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