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To celebrate the end of the DX1S Token Sale, our CEO Luciano wrote an open letter to all our investors and supporters. This is a time for gratitude and to reflect on a successful sale, as well as to look into our roadmap and your future with DXone.

“I am proud to announce the end of the DX1S token sale and the start of our future together with our investors.

I am writing to thank our investors for their dedication to DXone. Because I value transparency, I want to share information about the token sale and give everyone a sneak peek at our future.

I am excited to say that DXone raised approximately €3.3 Million during our Security Token Offering (private and public sale). This validates our vision to create a next generation crypto platform.

The funds raised give us the time and resources needed to fully launch the DXone exchange and expand our services and features. Thanks to your help, we are now able to quickly attract more traders to our platform, generating higher trading volumes and more fees, as well as increasing the dividends for our DX1S holders.

We thank everyone for their trust in us and we will make sure to honor and reward our investor’s loyalty.

Recent successes

In addition to our successful STO, here are some other DXone achievements:

  • General platform improvements including the user experience, order matching system, and performance.
  • Expanded digital footprint of DXone and the team members with interviews, podcasts, articles and more.
  • Solid marketing strategy that engages our supporters and community.
  • Partnership with CoinAnalyst, an AI-based analytics platform
  • Partnership with an Electronic Money Institution (with new services coming in Q3 2021)
  • Expansion of our team to almost 60 people

What will happen over the next few weeks
Today, December 1st, we will start to distribute the DX1S and DX1U tokens to our investor’s wallets. This may take up to 1 week as we continue to verify investor KYC and eligibility.

If you need help, we prepared an instructional video on how to create and add the ERC-20 wallet to your Investor Dashboard:

MetaMask Wallet: https://youtu.be/zLWapfg1Tk0

MyEtherWallet: https://youtu.be/45b3VDMbxsQ

If you need any further assistance creating a wallet or adding the public key information to your dashboard, please contact our Customer Support at support@dxone.com. Our Team is ready to walk you through the process step by step.

Trading of DX1U and DX1S
DX1U is available on our exchange to buy or sell from today. DX1S will be free to trade on our platform from December 8th. We want to make sure that the DX1S token distribution is completed as planned and the implementation is as smooth as possible for our users.

What’s next for DXone

We remain dedicated to creating the best all-in-one crypto exchange and intelligence platform.

Here is our roadmap for the upcoming 6 months

  • Increase trading pairs. This month we are adding ETH/USDT and LTC/USDT. In early 2021 we will add more pairs as well
  • Adding new order types including stop loss and take profit
  • Adding leverage trading
  • Launching a completely redesigned website and application
  • Fiat onramp — accepting deposits via credit card
  • Improving the user experience
  • Launching mobile native apps (iOS & Android)
  • Adding easy trading function (Click and Buy)

As always, we will make sure our valued investors are informed about our new features.

I want to thank you personally for your great support and trust in DXone. Our groundbreaking success has only been possible because of you.

Great things are awaiting us in the near future. I look forward to enjoying this success together.

Kind regards,

Luciano Nonnis

CEO & Co-Founder of DXone”

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